Rogue One: A (Star) War(s) “Story” – Aristen

Alright, first I need to write a disclaimer.

  1. I enjoyed watching Rogue One. I was entertained.
  2. Repeat: I was entertained. It is possible to enjoy something, but also be critical of it.
  3. After The Force Awakens, I was fiending for a new Star Wars anything. The promise of Rogue One intrigued me.
  4. But I do not think Rogue One delivered in many ways. I hadn’t read any previews or have I read any critical response to the movie. I just saw one trailer.


  • This post will contain spoilers, you’ve been warned



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National Novel Writing Month … Why not? – Aristen

We write all year. But November is a fun time for writers everywhere—a time when they can join forces and inspire each other through an organized event called NaNoWriMo.

Despite having a half-dozen other half-baked projects in various states of disarray, NaNoWriMo is a fun exercise (cough EXCUSE cough) to start fresh and try something completely different, all with a 50k word count goal.

It’s also convenient, as right now, that OF GOLD AND FIRE is in the hands of our editor, and will be for most of November. Despite doing initial forays into rewrites of Book 2, I like taking time off from that particular universe and meandering in something else. (As long as the Dark Souls 3 DLC doesn’t ruin my life…)

Here’s what we plan on writing, with links to our profiles in the event you are participating and may want to add us as “writing buddies.” Hey, why not? Writing together is so much more fun that writing alone. So why not join us?

Working Title: Kings of the New Church
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy and Existential Horror
The Pitch: Daysi Hellsing is 30 days sober, still in denial and by accident, finds herself in an AA meeting to fight her demons… alongside actual demons.

Working Title: The Left Behind
Genre: YA Dystopian Sci-Fi
The Pitch: After volcanic eruptions combined with man-made pollution sours the air killing all the microorganisms at the bottom of the food chain, mass extinctions ensue. Humans abandon Earth, traveling the galaxy to spoil another planet, and Tarrah is left behind but far from alone.

The Veteran – Olive

What do I mean a veteran? I mean that I served honorably in the military, but I also tend to mean a veteran as in I’ve experienced. I’ve experienced things that most never have and never will, and I’d like to keep it that way. Other people shouldn’t have to do what so few of us have.

That’s me, the Veteran of this collective.

It’s not glamorous; there’s no real glory in war. In the U.S. Army, I was a signal officer. To explain what I did, I usually tell people “toasters to telephones, if it had a current running to it, it was my problem.” And that was true–I remember once being asked if I knew how to fix a microwave. Turned out I could fix it, but only because a circuit breaker had tripped (i.e. he microwave overloaded the circuit).

But my main job focused on helping my unit communicate, and I was also responsible for ensuring that, if possible, I could prevent what we called RCIEDs, or Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, by using jammers, effectively preventing communication. I’d like to note that happily, on my watch, there wasn’t a single RCIED detonation.

Why this post? Well, I’ve been somewhat introspective today. Memorial Day came and went two weeks ago, and every year it’s harder and harder it seems. It’s hard because of those that we lost while deployed, but lately I’ve been struggling with a different loss: those who lost their lives to war, but were home when they did.


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Micro-post: The Imperession that I get – Olive

Micro-blog real quick here–is it me or do some published authors just kind of toot each others’ horns? Do the publishers encourage them to say “HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY” or the like? Come on. Somebody let me on the secrets. Or is it all completely genuine? Do they really know each other?! Do they really read all of each others’ stuff? I read all your stuff too! Blah.

I feel like a nerd looking longingly at the the cool kids’ lunch table.

Alright, back to work.