Hello again, remember us?

I know you haven’t heard from us in going on 17 months, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  There’s a long tradition on the blogsphere to let the entries grow sparse until there’s only radio silence, but we’re not going to do that! To catch you up, we decided to split our personalities even more in order to answer these pressing questions.

“You’ve still been writing…right?”

Olive:  In this period of postlessness, I had my short story (Christmas in July) published in an anthology called Texas Shorts (Amazon link, SO COOL!). I was also a finalist in the Writer’s League of Texas’s 2017 Manuscript Contest for my manuscript, The Left Behind, a YA scifi.

I started reading professionally for NetGalley too. I might repost my reviews on this site, but I will for sure put them on GoodReads.

Finally, I welcomed three friends, three Afghan refugees, into my home. You can read about one of them online.

Aristen: Yes! But not just in the traditional sense. I conducted interviews and reviewed albums for a DIY non-profit magazine called Razorcake. Sadly, I didn’t get enough good review material to want to continue the gig. I started querying for my alt-history post-civilization adventure, Sing Pray Kill! and slipstream sci-fi novella Beautiful, Useless Things. I’m working on more novels and short stories. Soon I’ll join Olive in becoming  bonafide, published author!

“I’m so relieved to hear that. What else is new?”

Olive: Not a lot, but I’m feeling refreshed lately. Maybe it’s because it’s spring and my garden is laid out and planned.

Oh, and I did get divorced. That debacle sucked hard, but my wasband was not supportive of my writing endeavors (or educational or…shit), and it’s probably better that the relationship ended sooner than later. He liked the awards and recognition I got, but when it came to actually doing the work, well, he might have just said, “when are you going to be done with what you love so I can get you to do something that I love.”

As they say, it is what it is and that’s what it was. Only can go forward from here.

Aristen: Good riddance to he who shall not be named! I quit my cushy 9-5 job in November in order to work full time on becoming an author. I’m doing freelance video work on the side to pay bills, but…the significant pay cut takes some getting used to. As a result, I got really into cooking, and am having a lot of fun learning new recipes. I also started a Patreon to validate myself as a real, professional artist. (Olive: I donated! <3)

During one of my more manic moments, I adopted a cat from a rescue. Meet Bigface!

tzarinabigface.PNGOlive: I can attest, Tsarina BigFace is a SUPER sweet kitty and great companion. Aristen was long overdue to get a kitty.

“So what’s the plan?”

Aristen: Work, work and more work, every day and every night! I’m tracking all my writing projects with day to day task lists and committed to getting published within the year. I’m doubling down on our joint projects, as well as my individual efforts. Right now, Olive and I are in the process of refining and redefining the opening chapters to Azura’s Chosen. And we have more exciting projects we’re working on together as well. Blogpost on that soon, and I promise it won’t be in 2020!

Olive: We also had another betareader read the first in the series. She called it “thrilling.” We were, as you can imagine, thrilled. We’re updating a bit and making some changes to have the beginning of the manuscript to make the beginning move quickly. The first 50 pages are said to be some of the most important, so we’re editing with that in mind.

And now you’re pretty much caught up.

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