Editing. It’s awful. But… – Olive

It is awful. But there is one thing. I actually like rereading our story. It might seem odd, no matter how many times I’ve read it, I still enjoy it. Certain parts I tend to read over and over, tweaking and adding.

So far, we’ve edited ourselves by hand. While I’m an attorney, I tend to pass my work around to others to make sure everything’s good. After a certain point, however, I don’t tend to see my own mistakes.

I realized recently what I see as a weakness in our use of gdocs: it is challenging to edit using gdocs. Once we started doing initial edits, and I went to print out a copy, I pasted everything into Microsoft Word and made a .pdf. After that, I uploaded the .pdf into Office Depot’s website and had the resulting document printed and bound. But when I put the draft in Word, I noticed that Word recognized a lot more mistakes than I could see on gdocs. This made me realize that I needed to put what we’d already written into Word at least, but it also gave me the idea to put it in an editing software.

We already use one thing that I’ll mention, and that’s Hemingway. Here’s some more information on the program. Hemingway is a sort of an editing software, but it looks for hard to read sentences which is a lot different than say Microsoft Word. I find it useful too because it finds the use of the “passive voice.” Passive voice has its uses, mainly to HIDE actions and information, but isn’t very useful when telling a story. Some people think it sounds intelligent, but I personally think it sounds like somebody who’s trying to sound intelligent.

Anyway, other authors rarely mention what sort of editing software they use for their own edits. I say rarely as I couldn’t find any authors out there that claim to use something specific, but I assume that there ARE authors that have mentioned it. If anybody knows of something good, feel free to message us. The bottom line is that we know our work needs to be flipped inside and out, and we’re always open to trying new things.

Our next step I think will be to do some research as to add-ons for gdocs (such as the Consistency Checker). I (we) haven’t done it yet, but I’m sure I’ll write about it when I get around to it. Until then…

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