The Cover Art of OF GOLD AND FIRE – Olive

The first time I saw the completed cover art for OF GOLD AND FIRE, I felt like my body had suddenly been submerged in water that was neither hot nor cold. I felt weightless, like my feet left the ground yet I was still sitting in my living room, roof firmly above my head.

Morale of the story, I was shocked in a wonderful, accomplished sort of way.

Jonah Lobe ( @jonahlobe) is amazing, and what was equally amazing was how he made them look like THEM. It was totally creepy it was to see our characters literally come to life. When we wanted him to do our cover, all we gave him were passages from the book to work with. We didn’t tell him any other information, and that’s what he came up with. Spot. On.

Of course his talent makes the image shine, but seeing what he came up with was a affirmation about us (Aristen and I) and our work. If Jonah can see what we saw in our minds, based only on words that we wrote, then we’re on to something, right?

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