As to our Writing Process – Olive

Today I’m writing about the process—what a process it is! At this point, we’ve written five books worth of material for the Azura’s Chosen series. Our goal is to have the first book of the series edited and done by the end of this summer.

We’ll see how it goes, but here it is: commitment! By the end of summer, we’ll be authors.

The last few weeks have been spent tinkering and toying with the organization. When we wrote the first draft, we didn’t organize much; we simply wrote. The ideas that flowed weren’t always wonderful and some things were cut for both brevity and content. We tend to write what we want to write and then strategically return to parts saying “well that was fun, but it’s not useful for the actual plot.” There is a difference between a plot and story, that’s for sure. I think of a story as something without a goal; that thing your uncle tells you that you end up laughing at to be polite. In your head you’re thinking, “what’s the point?” With us, there is often no point. We write what we find fun, cutting out later and saving edited portions in another file. These other files also allow us to save information for world-building without it clogging our working files.

One thing that I should mention: Aristen and I write using Google Documents. The platform allows us to write our novels in a way that other apps don’t: collaboratively. Aristen and I often write in the same document at the same time, sometimes even each playing a different character in a conversation or writing how one character reacts to another’s actions.

As mentioned in other places, when we were children, we used to send the stories back and forth through the U.S. Mail where comments and trading writing would take weeks to return. We called these small packages “GALLO”‘s and once stuffed them with everything from stickers to bird legs (yes, that happened, thanks Aristen). We also used to run up our parents’ phone bills. They didn’t like that too much, and we both got in trouble more than once for it. Isn’t it nice that we have free long distance nowadays? Not that either one of us speak on the phone like we once did. Us Millennials don’t talk on the phone and hate voicemail.

Now, thanks to the lovely Internet resources we have, we can talk and work together in real time. It’s been an incredible tool to keep us motivated. We talk almost every single day and sometimes joke about how often that actually is. Hardly a day goes by where we don’t discuss parts of the story. I think the last thing we talked about was how somebody at Aristen’s work is a real-life character. Then of course, she had to be non-stalkerish about showing me his/her picture. Facebook’s good for that.

Er, well maybe not.

Are you an author? How do you do it?

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