Social Media, Part 1: It begins… – Olive

I know all of this probably seems like a lot of work because it is.

We have day jobs. Both of us. We also have various other hobbies: Aristen is in a band, while I do yoga, and take dance classes with my husband. We come home after work and often don’t want to get in front of a computer again.

But getting the word out is important. How would you ever sell books otherwise?

So far, we have Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, this page and blog and a gmail accounts. We’ve linked the email addresses from this domain (i.e. and to a centralized email address. To keep the social media updated, we will soon use Hootsuite. At this juncture, the accounts are not super active, but we have been known to comment occasionally on twitter.

Also, speaking on Twitter, Jonah Lobe, who is the master behind our cover art, is a frequent tweeter and also has a channel on There, he often can be found working on other amazing art and helping aspiring artists perfect their craft; honestly, he’s just an all-around good dude. Check him out for sure at and on twitter @Jonahlobe.


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